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Invierte en Texas is an international business consulting agency that provides services to entrepreneurs who have interest in investing and expanding their products, services or establishing a new entity in the United States. We also give advice in the acquisition of Real Estate properties.

Our role is to provide personalized guidance and the necessary resources required by your organization for the creation and success of your new businesses. We do this through providing excellent and accurate information based on our client’s location, demographic statistics, investment amount, etc.

We understand and provide all the steps of creating businesses in a particular industry. We are specialists in business advise and our privilege location is perfect to assist any company in settling in a wide radius of different cities such as Austin, Houston, McAllen and Dallas, among others.

We are supported by a long history with over 10 years of experience in business development and business handover (business in operation) in the U.S and International as well. In fact, we have supported over 50 companies to settle in the United States.

Our services include analyze, plan, and implement strategies to promote the best interests for our clients and their company and maximize their return on investment.

Whether creating a new business or expanding it in the United States, Invierte en Texas offers the best guidance and support which maximizes the opportunity to have a successful company as well as providing the best initialization strategies in planning, operating and business creation. All of these which we have already personalized for different profiles and needs of our customers depending on the client as well as their company, service, product and their plan to establish.


  • Acquisition of an existing business.
  • Creating a new business.
  • Expanding your business to the United States.
  • Investment in Real Estate.
  • Work and Investor visas consulting.
  • Company incorporation in the United States market.
  • Investment opportunities in Oil and LP Gas Industry.
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